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If you would like to get on our list for an upcoming litter, please contact us at so that we may send you a letter of introduction and an application.  Please keep in mind that our breeding program focuses on producing moderate to high drive Entlebuchers that are most appropriate for homes where the adults are fully committed to raising an active, athletic, strong-minded dog.  

How We Raise Our Puppies

We raise our puppies using a balance of science, nature, and experience.  We seek to have as natural an upbringing as possible for our puppies,  while at the same time inserting important experiences at development-appropriate times. We provide as stimulating an environment as possible as the puppies physical and mental development allows them to engage.  We don't do too much too soon, but will challenge the puppies both physically and mentally as they grow.  All of our efforts focus on making each puppy the best they can possibly be. 

Mental & Physical Development / Training

  • Pups are raised in our home to ensure their development includes human handeling and activities of a typical home.
  • Biosensor exercises from 3-16 days.

  • Introduction to unique scents daily from 3-16 days.

  • Large puppy pen filled with opportunities for complex problem solving.

  • Daily walks around property from 6 weeks on.

  • Training (conditioned to come, introduction to crates, and regular car rides).

  • Introduction to housebreaking.

Social Development

  • Pups are raised in our home to ensure their development includes regular interaction with people.
  • Free access between dam and pups until the pups go home.

  • Interactions with other dogs.

  • Socialization with different people of all sizes and ages.


  • Excellent nutritional foundation.
  • Titering, nomographs and vaccinations.

  • Heart and eye screenings with Board-certified specialists.

  • Health check and certificate from veterinarian.

  • Microchipping and chip registration with the AKC.

  • We do NOT remove front dew claws and do NOT dock tails unless medically necessary.


  • Conformation: structure and type.
  • Temperament and working ability using the Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test (APET). 

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