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Xella-Excella vom Kornried

Hello, my name is Xella, a female Entlebucher Sennenhund.


Birthplace: Switzerland


Birth Date: 21 April 2011


Registered Name and Titles: CH Xella-Excella vom Kornried RN MX MXJ TKA W-FD


Nicknames: Girly, Whirly-Girly, Pie, Punkin Pie, Xella-fella-Entle-bella, Sup-a-star


Loves: Playing with any toy, Food, Running fast, Games with momma


Performance and Show Activities: Agility, Freestyle, Rally, Trick Dog, Conformation, Scentwork


Additional Fun Stuff: Swimming, Hiking, Traveling



Height:  17.75 inches


Weight:  42-45 pounds


OFA Hips: Excellent

OFA Patella: Normal


OFA Elbows: Normal

PRA prcd: Clear (Type A)


Breeding status:  Retired (Has successfully produced three beautiful litters of puppies)

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