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Hello, my name is Berta, a female mixed breed.

I am the matriarch of this family.  The quiet zen leader that keeps everyone in line without saying a word.  I am a gentle soul and love everyone I meet.  People always tell me that I am such a good girl.  My family says I am the easiest dog anyone could ever be around.


My mom says I take to Obedience work very well because I have great attention.  I am a certified Therapy dog because I love any kind of attention from people.  I also have an excellent nose for sniffing out things!  Because of that, I participate in Nosework.  I have passed all of the Odor Recognition Tests (ORT) through the National Association of Canine Scentwork, as well as earning my Nosework Level 2 Title (NW2).  I am crazy about my food rewards!


I also just love being a couch potato, but when I hear the sound of a leash and collar, my tail goes crazy with excitement; I know that a hike, walk, or a car ride is just about to happen!  One of my favorite things to do on a hot day is to wade in my swimming pool to cool off my feet.


Even though I have tricolor markings, I can be mistaken for an Entlebucher at first glance. My personality and body type reflect that I may be part Lab, and maybe a little Greater Swiss. Either way, I fit in very well with my Entlebucher family and friends!  


Birthplace: Rescue location, Los Angeles, California


Birth Date: Given as 1 November 2001 (Rainbow Bridge - 15 August 2016)


Registered Name: Just "Berta"


Nicknames: Girly, Birdie, Ber-ta, Brrr-dee or Brrr-da, Grandma


Loves: Going for walks, Sleeping, Eating, Any kind of attention, Wading in the kiddie pool


Performance and Show Activities: Obedience, Nosework


Additional Fun Stuff: Hiking, Traveling, Patrolling for squirrels

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