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Marcus Aurelius v. Eagleheart

Hello, my name is Marcus, a male Entlebucher Sennenhund.


Birthplace: Veneta, Oregon


Birth Date: 24 July 2014


Registered Name: Marcus Aurelius v. Eagleheart


Nicknames: Boy-Boy, Boo-Boo, Buddy, Marc-en-stein


Loves: Any Tug Toy, Being chased by Xella, Everyone, Games with momma


Performance and Show Activities: Agility, Nosework, Freestyle, Rally, Therapy


Additional Fun Stuff: Hiking, Traveling, Playing with other dog friends.



Height:  19.75 inches


Weight:  50 pounds


OFA Hips:  Good


OFA Elbows:  Normal


Optigen prcd:  Clear (Type A)


Breeding status:  Active

Marcus Sofa
Marcus on Rock
Marcus Snow
Puppy Marcus 2
Marcus on step
Marcus Front
Marcus Field
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